Solutions for Body Corporates and
Home Owners Associations

TowerSpace can provide a reliable passive income stream from unused common property such as land and rooftops, which can be used to enhance the value of your complex through investment in maintenance, improvements and extra amenities.

Elevating Property Value: A Guide for Sectional-Title Body Corporate and Homeowners Associations

Are you currently serving in the capacity of Chairman or Trustee within a Sectional-Title Body Corporate or Homeowners Association?

Under the regulations of the Sectional Title Scheme Management Act, the responsibility for managing, administering, and controlling the scheme’s common property for the joint benefit of all property owners falls on the Body Corporate. In a similar vein, the same responsibilities direct a Homeowners Association, albeit, the memorandum establishing the association dictates their powers.

Have you been pondering if there’s common property that could be better leveraged for generating additional revenue for the management account?

We recommend expressing your interest via our website’s submission form as a first step. Subsequently, we will conduct a thorough feasibility analysis of the location, followed by a candid, binary response.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Property Through Telecommunications Partnerships

Should you receive an affirmative response from us, we will disclose our proposal for the telecommunications site. Convinced about proceeding further? Your following move ought to be securing a Written Mandate at the imminent Annual General Meeting, empowering you to investigate, assess, negotiate, and finalise an agreement for a telecommunications site on behalf of the community’s owners.

The common property eligible for leasing might be a building’s rooftop, or land designated as common property or owned outright by the Homeowners Association.

There are abundant perks to securing a steady, long-term monthly income for community management bodies, including:

  • Averting the need for a special levy otherwise required for maintenance or upgrades.
  • Ensuring stability in annual levy increases, thereby reducing the financial strain on owners. This could even provide the potential to halt levy increases for a certain duration.
  • Enabling the completion of desirable enhancements beyond just the “essential maintenance”.

These benefits cumulatively contribute to the amplification of the overall amenities and attractiveness of your complex. Consequently, this translates into a prospective elevation in the value of each owner’s property holdings.