Our Solutions

Driven by the passion to connect South Africa with reliable, high-speed wireless infrastructure. Discover our mission, values, and the people who drive us to innovate, collaborate, and contribute to a brighter, sustainable future for all.

How can TowerSpace
Work for You?

I am a Property Owner

TowerSpace can provide a reliable passive income stream for your residential or commercial property, while also bringing high-speed mobile connectivity to your surrounding community.

I am a Wireless Network Operator

TowerSpace offers turnkey solutions for deploying and maintaining wireless network infrastructure, enabling you to expand your coverage and capacity, to better serve your customers without the expense and hassle of building and maintaining your own infrastructure.

I am a Body Corporate / Homeowners Association

Generate additional income for your body corporate and help reduce the levy burden on owners by leasing common spaces in sectional title or share block properties for the installation of telecommunications infrastructure.

I am a Property Developer

Unlock long-term annuity income opportunities for your development projects. Registering a servitude or reserving a portion of land for communications infrastructure will allow you to enjoy residual income long after the development is complete and you have moved on.

I am a Property Manager / Lease Broker

Commercial or residential property managers and lease brokers can earn attractive commissions by facilitating successful leases for wireless communications infrastructure. Expand your business opportunities and help us connect communities while enjoying the benefits of our incentive program for lease brokers.

I am a TowerCo

TowerSpace can help existing TowerCos with a variety of specialised solutions including site acquisition and permitting.

We can also offer our extensive network within the wireless telecommunication industry to obtain tenants for your existing portfolio of sites.