Solutions for Property Developers

TowerSpace can provide you with a passive income stream from your developments long after you have sold off your interests, while simultaneously ensuring that your development is covered by reliable wireless connectivity.

Leveraging Property Developments for Sustained Passive Income: An Insight for Developers

Property developers increasingly recognise the merits of leveraging long-term income streams from developments, even after they have since concluded their direct involvement.

Presently, a frequent strategy entails integrating fibre infrastructure within the development and then collaborating with Internet Service Providers. This arrangement permits these providers to use the fibre to provide internet connectivity to the residents of the development. As an owner of the fibre network, the developer then reaps monthly revenues based on the usage and subscription of the service within the development.

This same concept can also be applied to wireless telecommunications infrastructure. The primary difference, however, is the necessity for formalised and secure land rights. This could take the form of a telecommunications servitude favouring the developer, enabling the signing of formal, long-term agreements for consistent revenue generation, far beyond the developer’s tenancy of the development.

Integrating Telecommunications Solutions in Your Development

We invite property developers to engage with us. We can facilitate the inclusion of either fibre or wireless telecommunications infrastructure in your development, potentially activating long-term annuity income even beyond your involvement in the development cycle.

Furthermore, providing potential buyers with turnkey telecommunications solutions significantly enhances your development’s desirability. In essence, it’s a strategy that future-proofs your development while creating an additional revenue channel.