Solutions for Wireless Network Operators

TowerSpace has a growing portfolio of sites in areas of demand. We also welcome Build To Suit nominals that your network may require to function optimally.

Accelerating Network Expansion With TowerSpace

In desperate need of a site, and fast?

At TowerSpace, our partners’ decades of industry experience back us in understanding the urgency, strict budgetary constraints, and meticulous planning that goes into securing an optimally located site. We grasp the importance of an appropriately elevated, sufficiently powered site in delivering top-notch network performance.

We invite Build-to-Suit (BTS) proposals without any risk or expectation from your side as a mobile network operator. We will continuously provide you with updates, and if we deduce that the site is not ultimately viable, we will be upfront about it. We are committed to an enlightened approach to business; thus, we will not keep you hanging. We comprehend the frustration stemming from committing resources to a promised site only to face a cascade of delays during construction.

Revolutionising MNO-TowerCo Relations With Transparent, Value-Driven Solutions at TowerSpace

Our mission at TowerSpace is to reintroduce transparency into the MNO-TowerCo relationship. If we feel there is a better match for your needs elsewhere, rest assured, we will let you know. As passionate builders of our enterprise, we see no value in wasting time on untenable proposals. We want to demonstrate to the industry that we stand by our word and steer clear of glossing over project deadlines just to secure your patronage. We favour a ‘straight-up’ business style.

And our solutions extend beyond just new sites. If you own existing sites, we can assist in upgrading micro/pico cells to fully fledged macro sites. Such an upgrade allows a leap to advanced technologies, enhanced traffic management, and subsequently, increased revenues.